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"I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today."
Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps  (via barbieandken)

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Traci Lords in John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

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99-Year-Old Lady Sews A Dress A Day For Children In Need 

Lillian Weber, a 99-year-old good Samaritan from Iowa, has spent the last few years sewing a dress a day for the Little Dresses For Africa charity, a Christian organization that distributes dresses to children in need in Africa and elsewhere.

Weber’s goal is to make 1,000 dresses by the time she turns 100 on May 6th. So far, she’s made more than 840. Though she says she could make two a day, she only makes one – but each single dress she makes per day is personalized with careful stitchwork. She hopes that each little girl who receives her dress can take pride in her new garment.

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

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(adjective) In the list of one of the most 100 beautiful words in the English language, ineffable’s beauty lies in its flowing sound and meaning. Ineffable describes the sentiment of being unable to express something in words because it is too extreme to communicate; words cannot possibly do justice at this particular moment.  (via splitterherzen)

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